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27/06| Book Agoo Brand


Lead Creative was commissioned by the creative and contemporary Russian client, Book Agoo, to produce a brand identity for their online venture. Book Agoo captures a child’s 1st year in video, image, text and sound and collates these cherised memories into a digital, personalised book format.

Based in Moscow, the client and came to Lead Creative for a strong, simple  and clever brand.  Why Book Agoo? Book means, well, book! And Agoo refers to the first basic recognisable sounds spoken by a young child.

We embarked on a research project to position them well within their market and against their competitors. They wanted to produce striking and strong against playful and characterful – but without being too childlike. This brand needs to appeal to parents and with digital savvy without patronising them!

The outcome is a really strong brand style with logo, colourways, illustration and graphic devices that we (and they) love – hurrah! The train illustration was born from a brilliant client idea. As a graphic device, it carries the user on their journey through the book and their child’s first year, stopping at key points along the way.

Check out their recently-launched wesbite and create a book for yourself!