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20/10| International WOLDA Award

This news should have appeared here by now, but in all honesty, things have been a wee too busy to steal the time!

We were SO happy to learn that we’d been recognised by WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Annual) for the second year running. One award was a true honour, but TWO! Well we must be doing something right…

The Big Giraffe Studio Logo

This design was created for The Big Giraffe Studio, a professional photography studio promoting its African-inspired work online. The challenge was to design the studio mascot, the giraffe, with quirk and spark; to capture the scale, height and awkward grace of a giraffe but remain linked to photography. The end result combines the naturally leggy animal with a tripod for an unusual and playful logo.

The outcome couldn’t have been more perfect for the client.

We love our job and hope it shows. See you soon.