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16/08| Kidzarella Brand


Lead Creative was commissioned by Russian client Sergey Menshov and his team at Kidzarella.com to create their entire brand image for their multibrand online store for babies and children.

The creators of the brand are based in Moscow and came to Lead Creative looking for the for something a little bit special. We worked closely with them for several weeks to create what you will see below. Here’s a recent snap of their shiny new office getting a lick of Kidzarella love:
The brands that Kidzarella sell aren’t run-of-the-mill. With a group of creatives behind the store, their clothing is sourced from highly talented and reputable designers. Kidzarella is about selling graphic art and letting kids express themselves through what they choose to wear. See their blog for more on their love for design (you’ll need Google translate at the ready unless you know Cyrillic!).
The product is fun, interchangeable, flexible, contemporary, illustrative, playful and colourful to reflect the brand. The client asked the brand to mirror these values:

Creative children / curious children / cosmopolitan children / open / friendly / free / open-minded/sense of humor/ quality / quality fabrics / high-quality design / quality service / quality products / eco-friendly / style

So we got creative, worked very hard and here’s what we produced:
fbook_kidzarellaIt’s been an incredibly rewarding project to work on, with a collective of inspired professionals. And timely; now that Lead C has a mini-recruit of it’s own, we have a solid connection to the nature of the brand.
Looking forward to providing ongoing support to this great team!