| No free pitching


What is free pitching?

The supply of design services to a commercial client without payment.

Why won’t Lead Creative participate?

Lead Creative is keen to protect the reputation and credibility of the design profession and actively avoids situations that take advantage of designers. We believe the design profession should be encouraged, not exploited. We believe that free pitching is not ethical. We believe that pitch bids produce poor commercial outcomes as the work supplied in order to win the pitch can be poorly conceptualised and often rushed for the sake of winning the pitch; Lead Creative is in the business of providing fantastic design, not winning pitches with anything less.

We hope our portfolio and approach displayed gives a prospective client all the information they need about our values, capabilities and skill set to help decide whether to use us or not.

So if Lead Creative won’t free pitch…

Lead Creative will invest the time to create yet more value and creative solutions for its new and existing clients.

Lead Creative wants to lead by example. We work in a way that we hope will inspire others to protect the design profession whilst maintaining the highest standards for our clients.

The supply of our services to non-commercial, not-for-profit organisations, deserving individuals or the public good is at our own discretion.

Detailed and comprehensive information about pitching that forms the basis of Lead Creative’s free pitching policy can be found at No!Spec and The Design Institute of Australia.


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