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23/01| We can’t stand bad design


As you can hopefully tell, we care an awful lot about our profession and pride ourselves on producing nothing less than very high quality design. Less is more. We don’t bang out heaps of it as it just dilutes the individuality. Perhaps we’ve just seen a lot of bad design lately that looks pretty unskilled and generic.

If we may offer a few words of advice; “Don’t succumb to bad design”.

It’s a mirror – reflecting your attitude towards your business. It essentially says “We like to cut corners” or “We don’t really care” or “It’s not the best but it will do”. Not a good message to the prospective customer.

We’re not trying to scare people into thinking they should spend silly dollar on design – you don’t; you just have to choose the designer wisely. We’re just as passionate about our work as we bet your are about yours. And why shouldn’t you be? It’s your livelihood and it’s our job at Lead Creative to make sure you stand against your competitors and reach your target audience with credibility and style.