| Working smart & working green

... should be easy

Lead Creative is proud to be working with charities and organisations that support the public good. We’ve also got a thing for sustainable, social and ethical design and are always looking to develop our expertise in those areas. Below are some other standards we like to adhere to and believe shouldn’t be difficult to achieve;

• In print, we will use the best supplier operating in proximity to the client and ensure that, where possible, items are printed onto FSC or recycled paper in vegetable-based inks.

• If plastics are required, we try to ensure that the plastics sourced can be recycled,
are biodegradable and/or have the lowest environmental impact.

• We think that user-involvement is healthy; the more control our clients have over their projects, the better.

• Lead Creative will only undertake a level of work that does not compromise the quality of the service and design produced.

• We keep our business simple and close to home. Our carbon footprint is very light and we enjoy keeping business consumption to a minimum.