Freelance creative for small businesses.

Welcome! My name is Holly Stevens and I specialise in graphic design and illustration.

Holly Stevens Lead Creative

I work with strong and memorable graphic and brand imagery to translate your ideas into a visual medium that can be interpreted and understood by the people you want to reach – with around 15 years’ professional and commercial experience.

My curiosity in design and travel grew after my degree and I landed a job in Edinburgh’s then top design firm; Graphic Partners. From the front desk, I sat and watched like a hawk at the cogs in motion, listening hard to every interaction between team members, partners and clients creating big-budget, commercial projects. I relished the chance to get my hands on any titbits of project management and gained valuable agency insight that forms much of my working habits now.

Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat
Edinburgh City from Arthur’s Seat.

Seeking value in design led me into children’s communications, the charity sector, voluntary work and I eventually came full circle, back to what I know and love – with a little more understanding of how I wanted to utilise my skills. Now I live in Devon, home of my family roots.

I’m influenced by global arts masters; Scandinavia, Spain, Poland, Italy, Japan and South America are homes to world-class designers holding the ability to visually communicate with simplicity and efficiency and I look to these works to inspire my own.

I feel lucky to have my work recognised by WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Annual), Best Brand Awards and HiiiBrand.

Let me help bring your project to life!

Send a message or give me a call on 01647 253631. I look forward to hearing from you.