Freelance creative for small businesses.

Welcome! My name is Holly Stevens and I specialise in graphic design and illustration.

I create strong and memorable graphic and brand imagery; a solid platform upon which you can grow. I work with a strong set of values and translate your ideas into a visual medium that can be interpreted and understood by the people you want to reach – with around 15 years’ professional and commercial experience.

My work has been recognised by WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Annual), Best Brand Awards and HiiiBrand.

I’m hugely influenced by global arts masters. Scandinavia, Spain, Poland, Italy, Japan and South America are homes to world-class designers holding the ability to visually communicate with simplicity and efficiency and I look to these works to inspire my own.

Scroll down to see what I deliver and how I do it.

What project can I help you visualise?

Graphic Design

Specialising in design for print and screen from corporate literature to social media imagery.


Delivering strong, memorable and consistent artwork to a diverse range of businesses.


Creating hand and digital illustration to breathe personality into your brand and marketing messages.


Understand Requirements.

I'll listen to your ideas and grasp what you want to achieve through graphic design.


Idea Creation.
Initial Drafts.

I'll create a series of drafts to show how the design can work to suit the project brief.


Finalise Designs.
Review and Launch.

Once designs are approved I'll prepare suitable formats for print and/or digital display.

Do you have project that needs to reach people?

Let me help you bring it to life!

Send a message or give me a call on 01647 253631. I look forward to hearing from you.