If it must be plastic, it must be this

We produced loyalty cards for our Hotel client recently. They needed to be hard-wearing, durable and waterproof. The obvious material for this kind of card is plastic. That horrible P word.

Choosing this material is a little hard for us to swallow and we avoid it at all costs. However, sometimes there is no other material that will fit the spec required. So we bargain and explore the best possible way to execute a project like this – with minimal environmental impact.

EcoCard was our answer here – a great product using 100% recycled plastic. You wouldn’t know it – it looks as good as the virgin stuff (hang on, does that stuff even look good at all?). And, dare we say it, it’s a little sweeter knowing that we’re not adding to the demand for more of the fresh stuff.

If our plastic projects keep the material within a closed production loop, we can sleep at night. If not, we’ll need to chat.

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